As a resident you have the option to pay your apartment rent with cryptocurrency using Bitpay online. This is a trial run and not an ideal payment portal for crypto. This is a work around with a manual entry into your portal so please bear with us. If this option is not working for your needs please contact our office. 

To utilize this, click "Add to Cart" under the dollar value you would like to pay. Do this as many times as you want to get the value desired (yes, we know this is convoluted). Just like a normal rent payment any overpayment would be considered pre-paid rent and applied to the following month. No refunds will be released except through the security deposit disposition process. Click the cart icon in the top right to finish the process through Bitpay.

If asked for Apartment code, enter only the numbers of your address. Example: 157 Amory St. West Manchester, NH apartment 1; Enter "157-1"

Bitpay does charge a 1% fee of the amount selected which is included at checkout.

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